Sarah Lutkenahus is an multidisciplinary artist using design, collage, and sound as her primary mediums. Her practice explores modes of storytelling across image, sound, and architectural environment. She is currently based in Kansas.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I’m interested in examining familiar systems of organization (forms, requisite education, transit) and questioning their underlying power structures.  I’m also interested in the the vulnerability of the human experience in modern daily life. My work from the last year deals with my anxiety about making money, the bleak economic prospects for my generation, and precarity of the artist’s career path.  I’ve been exploring these ideas through the format of reciepts and emphemera of commerce.

My work is influenced by the vigorously intellectual and wholistic practices of Adrian Piper, Tauba Auerbach, and Felicia Atkinson. I am excited by presenting information to people with humor and kindness that allows them to draw their own conclusions. I’m interested in distilling complex ideas and communicating the poetic experience of being human.

With receipts, I employ a format that is universally recognized as a byproduct of economic exchange, and I use that language to transmit deeply troubling facts about our society. My hope to disseminate information as a talking point for developing effective strategies to resist and counter the problems of capitalism.


SAIC Sound MFA (Canidate)
Graphic Design BFA
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
New York University Spring Exchange, NY, NY
The Florence Center, Florence, Italy


information design
limits of language
multisensorial experience


economic precarity
perception of reality